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Back in 2011, Congressman Anthony Weiner tweeted a picture of his member to a woman that was not his pregnant wife, and long story short, he resigned in disgrace. Now, he’s reportedly looking very hard at a mayoral run later this year, and as such, he’s decided to return to Twitter.

With only two tweets on his new account, the former Congressman hasn’t said anything particularly noteworthy yet, but he has amassed more than six thousand followers and God only knows how many dick jokes at his expense. No doubt the latter of those facts is pretty frustrating at this point, but better those come and lose momentum now before he’s in the midst of a political race and forced to remind people he’s not planning on sending porn to random, much younger hot chicks.

It seems ridiculous to think Weiner will be able to come back from a scandal involving dick pictures, but you really never know. Marion Barry was famously arrested for smoking crack, and the fine residents of Washington DC reelected him as the city’s mayor just four years later. In every way other than amusement factor, that scandal was way worse. Besides, it’s not as if someone’s personal life directly correlates with how well they can govern. Some of the United States’ greatest ever presidents cheated on their wives all the time, and some of the country’s shittiest ever presidents were very faithful.

We’ll keep you updated if anything of note happens with Weiner’s Twitter account.