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Disney Theme Parks are changing their tunes when it comes to age limits. Don’t worry, you can still bring babies and pregnant ladies in the parks, but if you are a person who is under 14, you will no longer be allowed to enter Disney theme parks alone. Disney recently opted to revise its policies to make the new entrance rule a regulation at all Disney parks, including Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. The new policy will begin in just a few days, on March 23.

This seems like it is going to be a little difficult to put into effect. In the U.S., lots of kids that are pre-driver’s permit aged don’t really carry around identification cards and even when they do, birthdates aren’t often part of the deal. Disneyland spokeswoman Suzie Brown spoke to NBC Los Angeles about this very situation, so at least the cast members are aware of the situation.
"If a cast member who is working at the front gates sees a guest who appears to be younger than 14 without someone who appears to be older than that, they will engage in a conversation with the guest.”

The company opted to review its policies recently, although Disney is stating there was no specific problem the parks were encountering that made them determine an age limit was necessary. Instead, the company wanted consistency with the age limits and since Disneyland had none and the parks in Disney World each had individual rules, an overhaul was in order. The parks consulted everyone from parkgoers to the Red Cross to come up with the age 14. Somehow I feel this won’t be a problem until Disney tries to open an Avengers installation on a school day.

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