Do You Feel Bad For Octomom?

Back in March, Nadya Suleman put herself and her brood of children on welfare. The single mother of fourteen who intentionally got herself pregnant and later gave birth to octuplets had long vowed to support the kids herself, but eventually, the strain of that many mouths became too much. The government issued her two thousand dollars a month worth of food stamps, and many taxpayers took to the Internet to express their outrage at indirectly paying for her bizarre mothering choices.

At that point, asking whether people felt bad for Octomom would have been pointless, but in the last six months, a lot has changed. Suleman announced she’d do whatever she could to take care of the kids without our help, and she followed through on that vow, filming a porn movie and even stripping for a few nights in Florida. She’s now off government assistance, residing in a new house and living very quietly, at least until her home was rocked by sexual abuse allegations from former employees earlier this week.

The two nannies told the district attorney one of Suleman’s older children was sexually abusing one of the younger kids. After an investigation, the DA’s office didn’t find any evidence of misbehavior on Octomom’s part, and her current nanny even told TMZ the allegation is ridiculous.

What do you think? After all she’s gone through, do you feel bad for Octomom, or do you think she put herself in this awful situation and needs to deal? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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