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During the OJ Simpson trial, there was much debate among the general public as to whether the beloved football player actually killed his wife. Almost two decades later, the whispers have largely died down, but if a new documentary is to be believed, the Juice may not have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson after all.

Glen Rogers is currently on death row for killing two women, one in Florida and one in California. He’s suspected of murdering dozens more, and according to his brother, two of those victims were Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. The convicted felon was in Los Angeles during the right time and prior to the horrific slayings, he reportedly told family members he was doing some work for Nicole and was planning to “take her down”.

According to The Huffington Post, Investigation Discovery will air a documentary on the new suspect on Wednesday. The program is entitled My Brother The Serial Killer, and it features extensive interviews with Glen Rogers’ family about how everything links together. Apparently, Simpson was well aware of Rogers and even his willingness to confess during his trial, but his attorneys decided not to bring him up because OJ once contacted him to steal some earrings from Nicole’s residence.

Unlike many other high profile cases, additional suspects haven’t really come along very often in the Simpson/ Goldman murders. That’s what makes these claims so interesting. More than likely, they’re false, but at this point, they’re still worth listening to.