Earlier this week, Lost actor Dominic Monaghan turned a casual Twitter question-and-answer session for his new show Wild Things into a platform to bash the hell out of his former co-star Matthew Fox. When the star was asked to convince Fox to get a Twitter account, he surprised everyone by refusing on the grounds that “he beats women”. When pushed to justify his comment, Monaghan continued the assault by saying he wasn’t claiming but knows he does it “often”. The exchange surprised pretty much everyone, apparently including Matthew Fox.

Sources close to TMZ told the outlet the two actors haven’t spoken for years. In addition to flatly denying the allegations, those closet to Fox expressed shock Monaghan would rant about such things considering there never seemed to be any animosity between the two.

Last summer, Fox was arrested for allegedly punching a party bus driver in the vagina. He was supposedly drunk and told to stay off the boozy vehicle since he didn’t rent it. The altercation got physical, and the police were called. At the time, it was widely assumed to have been a strange, isolated and inebriated incident, but obviously, if Monaghan is to be believed, there’s something darker going on in Fox’s life.

At this point, there’s no way of knowing whether these claims are factual or the byproduct of a seething hatred, but unless victims come forward or this statement is recanted, it’ll probably just go down as a strange rumor.

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