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Donald Trump Says He Has Big News About President Obama

Never one to sit on the sidelines while others grab the lion’s share of the attention, Donald Trump says he’s in possession of “very big” news about the President of the United States. He’s “probably” going to release it on Wednesday to give voters a few weeks to process it prior to election day. Assumedly, he thinks it could potentially sway voters away from President Obama and toward challenger Mitt Romney, the candidate Trump has already endorsed publically, but without any idea of what it might be, there’s no way to tell whether Trump’s bombshell will actually explode or just fizzle out.

The mogul and Apprentice headman made the announcement that he has an announcement to make on Fox And Friends today, but he refused to even hint at what the news might be related to. Unfortunately for the registered Republican, the last time he truly attacked President Obama about something pointed, it was that birth certificate bullshit that even an overwhelming majority of mainstream Republicans don’t buy into. Thus, if this news is just another wild conspiracy theory, it’ll probably only hurt the Donald’s popularity in the long run.

Trump has guaranteed people will cover his announcement when he makes it on Wednesday. Considering how much he’s hyped it, that now seems like a guarantee, whether there’s any substance to his “big” news or not. We’ll keep you updated. Until then, check out the final debate this evening live from Florida.

Mack Rawden

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