Downton Abbey Actress Maggie Smith's Health Scare Was Only A Rumor

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Maggie Smith--who plays the sharp-witted Dowager Countess on ITV’s popular Downton Abbey series--had been rushed to the hospital due to a horrible health scare. The rumor turned out to only be halfway true, and, anyway, fans of the 77-year-old actress should breathe a sigh of relief: if the woman could act through cancer, a hospital visit certainly isn’t going to stop her.

On Friday, Smith visited a specialist cardiac unit after admitting she was dealing with chest pains. According to The Daily Mail, the rumors began to abound after the actress underwent a routine medical visit that led to her seeing the specialist. Thus, the actress did have a potential issue to look into, but she wasn't rushed to the hospital or in danger of dying.

During her Friday trip to the Wellington Hospital in London, Smith did have to take some tests to ascertain whether or not there was a larger problem than the chest pains going on inside of her. During that same trip, the actress was deemed stable and was sent home, where her spokeperson says, “she is fine and well.”

Smith has not yet signed on for the fourth season of Downton Abbey, and the possibility of a heart condition led many fans to surmise she may retire from the series. While that is still a possibility, it seems the woman’s health should not be coming in to play in her decision. Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Smith as she recovers from her sort-of health scare.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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