New Dr. Pepper Evolution Ad Draws Protests From Some Christians

Dr. Pepper might not typically be considered an edgy brand, but today, the soft drink became the catalyst for the latest flare up between creationists and everyone else thanks to a new print advertisement. The picture, entitled “Evolution Of Flavor”, features an ape, a semi-erect human and a fully-erect human. The first is completely absent Dr. Pepper. The second is in the midst of discovering Dr. Pepper, and the third has complete access to Dr. Pepper.

Obviously, the entire thing is tongue-in-cheek, but to a select group of very vocal and very aggressive Christian advocates, there wasn’t anything funny about the endorsement of evolution. In response, many lashed out at the manufacturer for the advertisement, and many more fired back at the creationists for a) their beliefs and b) making a stink about something meant to be a good-natured joke. You can take a look at the ad in question below…

For the life of me, I don’t understand why people don’t pick and choose their battles. Clearly, Dr. Pepper was not trying to shit on Christianity with this graphic. Controversy isn’t typically how the brand’s beverages are sold, and there’s no reason to think a new approach is being taken. Thus, going to war over it is pointless. It only lessens people’s sympathies for the next protest that might actually matter and have real consequences.

Dr. Pepper hasn’t responded publically to the outrage, but if an official comment is released, we’ll bring it to you.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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