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Sad news for the always affable Drew Carey. The comedian’s five-year engagement has ended without a walk down the aisle. The news went public earlier today via a statement from the fifty-three year old’s representative, but beyond announcing the separation itself, the PR man’s words did very little to shed any light on exactly what happened. That’s not altogether a surprise considering Carey and his now ex-fiance Nicole Jaracz mostly stayed out of the tabloids, but a lack of details doesn’t make the break-up any less sad.

The pair first announced their engagement in 2007, not long after their first child Connor was born. She was fresh out of culinary school and he was beginning his second career as the host of The Price Is Right. A few years later, Carey lost eighty pounds, and the drop in weight seemed to be an indication of just how well his life was going. Unfortunately, that positive momentum didn’t culminate in the long-awaited wedding, but I guess better the split happened now than after saying their I-Do’s. Here’s the rep’s statement courtesy of People
"He and Nicole still have a great deal of love and affection for one another. He will still be very involved with their son's life."

Drew Carey has always seemed like a really good dude. Watching him for the first couple months on The Price Is Right was a bit rough, but he really got it together and excelled shortly thereafter. I hope he adapts to being a single parent that quickly and brings the same enthusiasm in dealing with his child as he has for US Soccer. Pop Blend wishes both he and Nicole nothing but the best during this transition period.

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