British author E.L. James has made a bit of a fortune out of her Fifty Shades series, the first of which, Fifty Shades of Grey, has topped the New York Times Best Sellers list and made a name out of itself due to its erotic content geared toward a female audience. Now, the enterprising writer has launched her first U.S., and actually first ever, book tour, drawing in crowds of women…and even a few dudes.

James’ tour launched Sunday, at independent bookstore Books & Books in Miami, Fl. In her first event of the day, nearly 500 people showed up to get a signed copy of her books, initially conceived as fan fiction about Bella Swan and other characters in the Twilight Series. After changing the topic a bit to a story of a woman in a different sort of unconventional relationship, the stories went viral and were eventually published. A scant few months after the third book in the series was finished, Vintage Books stepped in to take charge of a re-release, and now James is touring to sold out crowds.

It seems to be a fantasy story, but James recently told the Associated Press she is still the type who does her own chores.
"I'm staggered by this. I never set out to do this."

Guilty pleasure or no, with crowds as big as those showing up to James’ tour, the “mommy porn” may be here to stay.

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