Emblem 3's New Video Chloe Is Proving The X Factor Can Produce A Hit

The U.S. version of The X Factor may have finally found a relevant hitmaker. Soon after earning fourth place on the second season of the show, Emblem 3 signed on with Columbia Records and late last week, the group performed their new single, “Chloe,” on Good Morning America, which spawned a little more interest in the music video for the single (that can be viewed above). As of the time of this writing, Emblem 3’s first big hit has earned over 1.5 million page views on YouTube, a number which is far better than what we’ve heard from last season’s winner, Tate Stevens.

The fun summer song features plenty of pop lyrics, as well as the group's group's signature quick-paced and conversational verses. “Chloe” is a song about all the girls who have hot sisters and don’t think they get seen enough. Luckily, “all those Chloes” out there have found their ultimate admirers in the boys of Emblem 3, who invite them to an intimate concert during the course of the video. The guys recently spoke with MTV about putting together the video, which group member Wes says makes the song “cool.”

"I loved the video — it made the song really cool…When we were onstage with the whole crowd scene, that was cool because everyone was bumping and jumping and rocking out to the song.”

More importantly, the guys should like the song because it just may put them on the map. In recent years, singing competitions like The Voice and The X Factor have yet to become a vehicle for marketable stars, but Emblem 3 might help The X Factor, at least, to prove otherwise. Emblem 3’s debut album is set to hit shelves on July 30 and the guys have plans to tour with Selena Gomez soon after. We’ll let you know what the Billboard charts have to say after the album drops.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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