Emma Stone's Naked Picture Is Probably Of Some Other Girl

Did you know Emma Stone took a naked picture of herself and it ended up on the Internet? That was the story whipping around the web at a frantic pace earlier today. Upon further review, however, it might not actually be Stone’s lady bits in the snapshot. In fact, it’s probably not.

The Easy A actress hasn’t spoken publically about the shot currently hanging out on Egotastic (NSFW), but one of her friends spoke to TMZ and made it very clear those are not the actress’ boobs, which is certainly very possible since part of the girl in the picture’s face is obstructed by the camera.

Stone is far from the first actress observers would pick to have a naked photo scandal, but that’s the crazy thing about hackers and new technology. From Gmail accounts to cell phones, security can be compromised in a wide variety of ways by strangers actresses don’t even know. Consequently, at this point, members of the general public aren’t shocked by anything anymore. I mean, for the love of the crown, Duchess Catherine had a naked picture scandal.

That being said, it sounds like these photographs aren’t Stone. If she really took them herself, there would be no reason to hide her face, and she would probably have already hired the FBI to look into who compromised her security and how that could have happened.

If you’re disappointed about the pictures, you can cheer yourself up by watching the six minute highlight video of Stone’s hotness below…

Mack Rawden
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