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Apparently Enrique Iglesias is crazy dedicated to his fans. Need proof? Well, the singer was performing at Plaza de Toros de Playas in Tijuana, Mexico when he tried to grab a drone flying above. Turns out, that’s not really the best idea because Iglesias straight sliced his fingers open. And though the singer didn’t drop a beat, he did start bleeding profusely. So here’s where that little tidbit of being crazy dedicated comes in, because Iglesias continued to perform...for over 30 minutes as he bled out.

It’s a bit insane that the performer couldn’t take a quick break in between songs to fix himself up, but on top of that, Iglesias decided to show his fans even more love by using his bleeding hand to draw a heart of blood on his white t-shirt. There was that much blood. Here’s the moment captured by one fan in the crowd.

One of Iglesias’ representatives spoke out about the incident to The Associated Press stating that the singer was “semi-treated” after the accident at the side of the stage and was advised to end the show, but Iglesias did not want to comply, and went on to perform for 30 minutes more. Afterwards he was immediately rushed to the airport and is currently seeing a specialist in Los Angeles.

Why did Iglesias even grab the drone to begin with? Well that’s not the first time the performer has done so, just usually, it doesn’t go horribly wrong. Iglesias has grabbed drones before to show audiences a “point of view” shot. His representative said that something went wrong this time, and Iglesias had “an accident”. And boy must that have hurt.

The performance was seen by 12,000 fans inside the bullfighting ring. And while we are definitely concerned about Iglesias safety, it is pretty noble of him to continue performing to appease that huge crowd. Pop stars left and right are canceling entire tours for silly reasons, and Enrique Iglesias just proved that he loves his fans so much, he’ll continue bleeding for them. Not sure any one can prove their love quite the same (or would want to). The concert is part of the singer’s Sex and Love World Tour which is slated to continue with the next show scheduled in Mexico City for July—plenty of recovery time.

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