Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong

For most people, talking about sex is pretty weird. No one wants to hear the details of what their friends, family, and especially parents do in the bedroom. As far as I'm concerned, that whole story about finding me in a pumpkin patch is how I came to be. That being said, I can't help but love to learn more random information to shock my friends. And one awesome video on YouTube is talking about the dirty deed and punching holes in a lot of the "facts" you thought you knew about sex.

In yet another informative video from Mental Floss, host Dr. Aaron Carroll dispels twenty common misconceptions about sex. Be warned, just like in the video, this article is going to contain information that is actually about doing the dirty, so if you're squeamish or shy it might be time to click elsewhere. The first myth Carroll says is pure poppycock is the correlation between a man's shoe, hand or ear size and what he's packing below the belt. He follows it up with a shocking fact for most men and those who like men, that the average penis size isn't 7 inches, but rather about 5.

I'm sure that everyone has heard the idea that men prefer blonde women over brunettes. Apparently, this only really means something in places where blonde hair is much less common. In areas where more women sport light locks, it doesn't seem that men have more of a draw to them. One of my favorite myths that was busted is that sex is a good way to get your exercise in. A half hour of sex only burns about 85 calories because the time you're active during the activity is very short. So if you're skipping the gym and hitting the sheets as a way to maintain your waistline, you might want to think twice .

I won't spoil the entire video for you, because some of this you just have to hear yourself to believe. So while I'm going to pretend everyone I know is completely celibate, I might just have to break some of these facts out at the next game night party. Maybe knowing all this information will come in handy on a trivia game show or when I really just want to win an argument.

If you're a Mental Floss addict like me, check out this awesome video above that debunks 49 hoaxes people actually have bought into. I won't lie, I actually did believe in a couple of these. Remember Lonelygirl15? I definitely fell for that one. There are a ton of Mental Floss videos on their YouTube page, too, so grab a cold drink and start binge watching.