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Farrah Abraham Headed To Rehab For Booze Problems

Surprise pregnancy? Check. Sex tape? Check. Feuds with other famous women? Check. DUI? Check. Over the past few years, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has systematically checked off damn near all the go-to scandals for female celebrities, and now, thanks to a drinking problem, she can check off trip to rehab too.

According to In Touch Weekly, Abraham has agreed to go to the Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to deal with issues related to the bottle. Right now, she’s reportedly planning to stay inside the facility for ten days, but when it comes to rehab, the amount of time can occasionally be flexible if the treatment schedule is going either really well or really poorly.

Here’s what Abraham had to say about her drinking problem…

"At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life."

The first sign of a possible issue came back in March when Abraham was pulled over for driving under the influence. During the arrest, she allegedly tried to walk away from the cops, and by all accounts, she was not the most pleasant human being to deal with during the ordeal. Later, a judge placed her on six months probation, hit her with a fine and forced her to install an ignition interlock device inside her car to monitor her blood alcohol level. She hasn’t had any incidents since then, but obviously, the tendency to drink hasn’t slowed, which makes sense given her lucrative new career.

After Abraham released her sex tape, she started getting booked to host various events around the world like the one listed below…

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In theory, that’s a pretty fun way to make a living, but as more than a few celebrities (including the cast of Jersey Shore) have discovered, it can actually be a hard life. You have to constantly change cities, and when you show up to events, often you’re expected to party—not sit there like a wet blanket. This can lead to drinking on weird nights of the week and to pounding shots back a little too hard to try and overcome the inherent awkwardness of the situation.

For the sake of her lovely daughter, I truly hope Farrah uses this trip to rehab to get her act together. Sophia deserves a mom who is present, engaged and sober.

Mack Rawden

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