Farrah Abraham's Unwashed Bikini Yanked Off eBay

If you’re one of the many eBay bidders who have spent the past few days trying to snag the unwashed bikini Farrah Abraham wore during the cover shoot for her recently released sex tape, I have some disappointing news for you. The powers that be at eBay decided to yank the listing on the grounds that it’s kind of weird and gross.

According to TMZ, eBay officially cited “health and hygiene concerns” in a letter to Vivid Entertainment that accompanied the takedown. At the time, the bidding had reached more than fourteen thousand dollars, a far cry from the five hundred it began with, but alas, all of those bids have now been officially struck from the record. A few days from now, Vivid will reportedly list the same bikini again, this time with a note that it’s been washed.

Prior to the release of Abraham’s sex tape, there was great concern about how much money it would actually generate. A few weeks in, however, it’s very clear everyone involved will make money hand over fist. Not only were numerous people ready to pay thousands of dollars for her swimsuit, so many actually paid to watch the footage that it crashed Vivid’s website.

No doubt many people aren’t too pleased with eBay’s decision to yank the listing, but something tells me if they’re all willing to pay thousands of dollars, Abraham will have no qualms with buying a new bikini, wearing it and then selling it each time she goes to the beach.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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