Flavor Flav has always been an emotional, recklessly in the moment kind of guy. At times, that exuberant energy has benefitted his music career, but now and again, it’s also derailed his personal life. Early this morning, that downside came out again when an argument between Flav and his fiancée quickly spiraled out of control.

According to KTNV, authorities received a domestic disturbance call at around 3:30 AM in a residential neighborhood of Las Vegas. When cops arrived, they were told by the victim that Flav had gotten physical with her and threatened her teenage son with a knife. After speaking to everyone involved, the police officers arrested the Public Enemy hype man and took him to the station. He was promptly charged with assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery. You can take a look at the mug shot below…

At fifty-three, it’s time for Flavor Flav to start growing up and solving problems rather than causing them. Getting physical with a woman? Threatening a seventeen-year-old with a knife? His personal life has been a mess of child support accusations and vicious arguments just like these for years. He needs a wake up call. With any luck, this will be the situation he needs to jar himself back to reality.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the members of Flav’s family hurt by his alleged behavior.

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