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You know that new Volkswagen commercial? The one where the man and the woman force the salesman to accompany them to dinner during the test drive? Well, a man in Florida got that same basic impulse, though instead of generating a few laughs, he wound up incarcerated.

The incident in question happened on Friday afternoon and involved sixty-seven-year-old Lloyd Edward Kraft. He reportedly hit up a local Florida branch of Prestige Auto and asked to test drive a 1997 Ford F-250. He turned over a copy of his driver’s license, filled out his phone number and address and got the keys. In theory, an employee was supposed to follow behind him on the subsequent test drive, but according to Fox News, Kraft allegedly lost his follower not long after the drive started. Even worse, he never returned and both the phone number and the address turned out to be bogus.

Police were quickly informed of the situation, and later in the day, a deputy spotted the car. After being taken to the station in handcuffs, Kraft allegedly told authorities he was planning on returning the truck later in the day but wanted to use it for work. Apparently, he thought Prestige Auto wouldn’t have a problem with it, but that was obviously a colossal miscalculation.

Florida always produces its share of outrageous stories every year. From people hunting Pythons to people falling in sinkholes to people smuggling dinosaurs, there’s nothing illegal or strange under the sun that at least one member of the state’s population isn’t doing at any given time, including making off like a bandit with test drive vehicles.

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