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Florida’s Burmese python problem is pretty well known at this point, thanks to the first ever Florida Python Challenge, which brought awareness about the invasive species living in the South Florida wetlands. This year’s challenge is over and done with, but it didn’t stop a Miami-Dade county resident from catching and killing the longest Burmese python ever brought to Florida’s attention.

According to a press release from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Miami resident Jason Leon was out riding in a rural area when he spotted the python near the brush on the roadside. Leon stopped his car and went after the snake, which wrapped around his ankle. The passengers in his car were able to free the man, subsequently killing the largest Burmese Python on record. Leon says he has had experience in handling pythons in the past.

The harvested snake weighed 128 lbs and measured in at 18 feet and 8 full inches. The previous record for a captured snake was a little over 17 feet. Leon was wise enough to call in the snake claim to the FWC, who picked up the snake and passed it on to the University of Florida’s Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center. This is similar to the tactics used during the Florida Python Challenge, as studying the snakes may bring scientists closer to learning about and eventually eradicating the invasive species. The Florida Python Challenge wrapped up in February, but it’s nice to see state citizens are still gung ho about ridding the area of the invasive species in order to help stabilize an unsteady environment.

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