The last time Levi Johnston fathered a child, it led to a scandal, an engagement and an incredibly bitter break-up. Now a twenty-one-year-old, the Alaskan is stepping down the same road again, though it’s unlikely this pregnancy will generate nearly the amount of press Bristol Palin’s did.

After he officially parted ways with former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter, the amateur hockey player and Playgirl model moved on with a twenty-year-old teacher named Sunny Oglesby. Originally from Oregon, she relocated to Alaska and has been dating Johnston since the very end of 2010. Now that relationship has gotten a whole lot more serious with news of an impending baby.

The positive test result was confirmed by Johnston’s rep to US Weekly, but beyond the basic head nod, no specifics have been offered in terms of sex, due date or feelings. Johnston has made no secret of his regrets over having Tripp three years ago, but its unclear whether his resentment is more directed toward the Palin family or having to be a teenage father. With the prior experience, one would imagine he’d be more prepared this time around, though that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s pleased.

We’ll bring you an update if/ when the couple gets its feelings on the record. Until then, start thinking of baby names that don’t begin with the letter “T”. I highly doubt Levi would want to continue the Palin family’s strange tradition given how much he apparently hates them.

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