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Most people might be unwilling to admit fault when it comes to their divorces, but Fred Armisen has no such issue. The longtime Saturday Night Live star appeared on Howard Stern a few days ago to talk about the downfall of his marriage to Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss, and not only did he take the lion’s share of the blame, he described many of the reasons why she had to leave him.

Speaking to Stern, Armisen said he plows in very quickly at the beginning of relationships, frequently moving in and being very attentive before inevitably getting bored and intentionally pushing the other party away. Through video games, music or other women, he apparently makes it very clear where his priorities sit. Here’s how he summed up his own behavior, as per US Weekly
"I feel bad for everyone I've gone out with."

Never one to accept a statement at face value, Stern pushed Armisen further and asked if he feels entitled to having other women, and the actor admitted that while he doesn’t like to say it out loud, the answer is probably yes. I can’t imagine any of this will make Fred seem more desirable to other women in the future, but maybe there’s a girl out there who can truly get him to change.

Here’s to hoping Armisen eventually finds whatever it is that’s missing and carves out some kind of long-term happiness. Either that or he stops pushing his partners away and learns to just suck it up.

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