Fred Savage’s real wonder years are about to begin. Savage and his wife, Jennifer Lynn Stone, have added a third baby to a brood that already includes a son, Oliver, born in 2006, and a daughter, Lily, born in 2008. On Monday, the director and former Wonder Years actor announced he and his wife have had another son.

It was sort of a sneaky announcement, however. Earlier this week, Savage took to Twitter, to announce the birth of his brand new baby boy. Savage and his wife are generally a private couple, and did not disclose any details about the size or name of their baby boy, but he did throw a picture into the tweet, which proves the kid has the perfect set of fingers.

There wasn’t a lot of fanfare when Stone was expecting (virtually none, actually) and it just adds more fluff to an already perfectly romantic story. The couple grew up with one another, dated when they were younger, and officially came together as a couple after being reunited at Savage’s 22nd birthday party. Now, they’re new baby is just another bonus—for themselves, and Savage’s adoring league of fans.

Pop Blend wishes the couple the very best over the next few months of changing diapers and little sleep. On a fan note, we’ll keep you posted if Savage ever lets the name of his brand new son slip. We’re dying to know as much as you are.

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