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This Fridge Only Gives You Beer When You Sing For It, Because Canada Day

There is no secret among my friends that I love beer above all other alcoholic drinks. Some people ask me why I prefer it over a fine wine or aged liquor, and I guess I don't have any explanation other than it tastes great. Nothing like a chilled can or a frosty bottle when I'm relaxing and enjoying my time away from work. A recent Canada Day promotion from Molson, while promoting their heritage and beverage, might make it hard to get your thirst on if you have stage fright.

In the above YouTube video by Molson, the company carted their special beer fridge around various spots in Canada. (If you've never had a Molson, by the way, you're missing out on one of the tastiest beers North America has to offer.) What makes this brew-filled fridge special is that you have to sing the Canadian national anthem, “O,Canada,” in order to get it to open up and dispense a beverage.

Now Canadians, just like Americans, are pretty damn proud of their country. The video starts by showing a few folks checking out the giant red refrigerator and starting to sing their nation's anthem. Everyone from a bearded guy in flannel, who took off his baseball cap to sing a stirring rendition, to a group of elderly hikers in the woods can be found attempting to open the fridge. My favorite part though, has to be when an entire crowd starts bursting into song together. Everyone joining together to not only have a cold beer together but celebrate their country's song.

While this device was used to promote a beer brand and celebrate Canada Day, it probably has some practical applications. Imagine a bar where the only way you could get served is to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” and if you were too sloshed to do so, you were denied and sent home. It could be a way to curb people from over-drinking and definitely attract a crowd at your local watering hole. I, for one, wouldn't mind learning “O, Canada,” if it meant I got a cold beer on a hot day. And it doesn't look like these Canadians mind either.

Check out another video from Molson below on how they crafted the giant red refrigerator.

I am always interested in how concepts are developed, and I love watching them carefully craft this beautiful piece of technology. Now if only I could get my hands on one that's fully stocked for my next party. It might force my inner circle to learn a little culture and get our Canadian pride on.