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The Game may have spent the past few months waffling about his wedding plans with Tiffney Cambridge, but when he spotted an injured man on an LA street earlier this week, he acted without hesitation. Now the stranger is recovering in the hospital and the rapper is downplaying claims that he’s a hero.

The incident went down on Wednesday morning. The musician was heading home from the studio when he drove past a stranger slumped over in the middle of the road with a bicycle on top of him. After pulling over, exiting the vehicle and finding the man unresponsive, he called 911 immediately and waited with the injured guy until emergency personnel arrived.

According to TMZ, the man survived his transport to the hospital, and he’s currently recovering. As for the Game, he’s not making a big deal out of what happened. He just responded to the sad incident and tried to do his part.
”If that was me in that situation, I'd want someone to do the same thing."

Someone needs to do a scientific study on what percent of people stop their cars to help when they see an injured pedestrian. I bet the number is almost shockingly low. Those passing by accidents often think others have already stopped to help, but that’s not often the case. When in doubt, call 911. Better for two people to report an incident than none at all.

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