Georgia Man Proposes To Girlfriend During Planetarium Presentation

Marriage proposals can either be quiet, intimate affairs or they can be bold, public ones. You would think those individuals who opt for the latter are typically very confident in the answer from their partner. A man from Georgia recently gave one of the biggest and boldest proposals Pop Blend has ever heard of, but a comedy of errors nearly prevented the proposal from happening.

Warner Robins resident Alan Gilbert decided he wanted to be really over-the-top when he put together a wedding proposal. He and his partner, Krystal Sanderson, enjoyed spending time outdoors staring at the stars, so Gilbert worked out a plan with the Mark Smith Planetarium at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Georgia. The plan involved taking Sanderson to a show in the planetarium, during which a proposal would pop up on the screen asking Sanderson to marry him.

Gilbert spent a ton of time working the proposal down to the minute detail, but problems arose when it seemed like Sanderson wouldn’t be able to make the plans. According to Macon’s The Telegraph, Sanderson’s a 22-year-old nursing student at Middle Georgia State College and she nearly couldn’t attend the performance due to work and test preparation time constraints. Gilbert had to cajole her into going to the museum and, once they made it, she tried to convince him to go to an earlier showing than the one during which the proposal was planned.

All’s well that ends well, and Gilbert was eventually able to get Sanderson to go to the 4 o’clock program which featured an on-screen proposal from the 23-year-old man. The regular 30-minute show occurred like normal, and then at the end, amongst the many constellations in the sky, the planetarium plastered the words “Krystal Sanderson, will you marry me?” Gilbert says the ticking minutes leading up to the proposal were the “longest of his life.”

Like a lot of public proposals, all of Gilbert’s efforts paid off. It took Sanderson a moment to recognize what was happening on screen, but once she did, she accepted the ring to applause from the audience.

We’ve seen some pretty swell proposals before, including flash mob proposals, Twitter proposals, and on-air news anchor proposals. Regardless, a planetary date is among the more creative we’ve heard of. Congratulations to the happy couple as they begin to put together wedding plans. Hopefully, this time nursing school won't get in the way.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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