Actor Gerard Depardieu is furious with French President Francois Hollande, and he wants every last person in his native country to know why. Following the government’s decision to raise taxes to 75% on all income over $1.3 million, the longtime star moved to a small town in Belgium just over the border. His move prompted government officials to release statements calling him pathetic, but if you take it from Depardieu, the only thing pathetic is the idiotic new tax policy.

Writing in an open letter published in Le Journal du Dimanche, Depardieu says he’s happily paid more than $190 million in taxes over the last forty-five years and currently employs eighty-five people, but it’s positively ridiculous to pay seventy-five cents out of every dollar you make to the government. So, for the time being, he’ll continue living in Belgium, and if Hollande has a problem with that, Depardieu will turn in his French passport.

France has always been known for the large amount of government services it offers and its relatively high tax rates, but under Socialist President Hollande, the country has pushed even further toward the left. Over the last year, many others have left France including Johnny Hallyday and Alain Delon. If the high taxes continue, it’s likely many more will follow too.

There’s a difference between moving to a different country to avoid paying a little extra money in taxes and moving to a different country because newly elected politicians have dramatically increased taxes to penalize wealth.

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