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Goodbye, Rupert! Newly Single Liberty Ross Poses For Nude Pictures

Many women get their haircut or go clothes shopping following a traumatic break-up. Liberty Ross, however, decided to go in a different direction. The thirty-four-year-old model agreed to take part in a photo shoot for Love in which she appears in five separate photographs without a shred of clothing or inhibitions.

You can take a look at one of the five photographs below. It was chosen because it’s the only one that doesn’t feature nudity…

Image Credit: Love Magazine

Ross hasn’t spoken publically about any of the photographs that have been released, but given she just filed for divorce earlier this week, they certainly seem like one giant middle finger aimed at her soon to be ex-husband Rupert Sanders. The director was, of course, famously caught cheating with his Snow White And the Huntsman star Kristen Stewart following the completion of filming. She was able to salvage her relationship with Rob Pattinson after a whole lot of drama drama, but apparently, the ship could not be righted here.

Given all of the years she worked as a model, it’s not surprising Ross looks really good in the photographs. Hopefully, whatever the purpose she had for taking them, they offer a little bit of self-confidence and can help her to move on with her life and find happiness in whatever shape or form she needs it in at the moment.

To check out the other four photographs, all of which are filled with a whole lot more nudity, head on over to EssCurve (NSFW). To find out more about Love’s special issue, head on over to the magazine’s official website here.

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