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Fans of hockey and/or figure skating are likely well aware of the Zamboni, the ice resurfacer used to clean and smooth the ice. It's named after Frank Zamboni, the Italian-American inventor who created this useful vehicle. As it's Frank Zamboni's 112th birthday, Google is acknowledging it with a fun Zamboni-themed doodle that's also a game!

With the NHL lockout finally over, hockey fans will have the games to enjoy soon enough as the delayed season gets started. In the meantime, today is the day to acknowledge Frank Zamboni's contribution to the sport (and other ice-related sports and activities). Google's latest doodle gives us the opportunity to do just that in our own fun (time-sucking) way. You can click the image below to check out the doodle and play the game, which involves navigating a little Zamboni around the ice to clean up the mess left behind by the skater(s). It gets progressively harder as the game goes on. See how high a score you can get before the gas runs out!

Or you can watch the video below, which shows the game being played. It's less fun than actually playing it, but for those eager spectators, it does take less effort.

Video via EW.

All this talk about the Zamboni not only inspires flashbacks of memorable hockey games, but also the song that was sometimes played between periods. In honor of Frank Zamboni's birthday, we've posted the tune below for your enjoyment.

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