Google Introduces The Bacon Number Tool To Help Connect The Dots Between Stars

Google has introduced a brand new star-searching tool that achieves the impossible. Not really, but it will do all of the thinking into B movies required to produce a working “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” formula. Called “The Bacon Number,” the new app will help fans of famous people to connect the particularly prolific Kevin Bacon to all other celebrities in the known universe.

Here’s how it works. If you want to use “The Bacon Number” you have to use Google’s search engine. I know it is extremely difficult to navigate to Google, but this is how the Internet works. Alright, if you have made it to Google, it’s time to type in the words Bacon Number (grammar says there should be quotes around those words, but the search engine does not want you to use quotes). After that, type in whatever actor or actress you want to stalk and click the search button. Once Google does its thing, you will be left with The Bacon Number you want. I tried Johnny Depp first, so don’t copy me. You can do weirder.

Those crazy kids who invented that game way back in the nineties that helped the world to connect the dots between every celebrity and Kevin Bacon deserve a flippin’ medal. Countless hours have been devoted to such a game, and the actor has even created a charitable organization called Six Goodle’s new search phrase definitely takes away from actually using your noggin—which is half the fun—but it’s certainly helpful in a pinch.