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Great White Sharks apparently travel a great distance. At least one of them also has a social media presence. Katharine, a great white shark, was tagged around nine months ago and since then has covered over 3,500 miles from her initially tagging! That’s impressive for anyone to accomplish, let alone a creature that weighs over a ton. Thanks to some hilarious jokester, she's also been keeping the Twitter world abreast of her movements.

Yeah that’s right, Katharine’s got jokes, and a little over 3,000 followers on Twitter. The mission of giving Katharine a Twitter is to change the world’s perception on great white sharks. The end game I guess, is to change the perception that great whites are mass murderers bent on the destruction of the human race. Wise cracking carnivore is so much better.

Katharine’s trackers, OCEARCH , works to track and provide a ton of new information on great white sharks and the other large apex predators of the sea. In tracking Katharine and other great whites, they are providing information that was previously unknown, and keeping the world entertained simultaneously. Fox News reports OCEARCH has been tracking Katharine since she was first tagged in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on August 19th. At the time of print, Katharine is hanging out in the gulf coast close to Miami.

Katharine is one of around forty sharks that have been tagged by OCEARCH so far. That’s a lot of sharks to catch, especially considering their size and strength, so how are they doing it exactly? With the help of a 75k hydraulic platform, these sharks are safely lifted up to where a team of twelve researchers can conduct various tests, tag the sharks and get them back on their way in a short amount of time. Fifteen minutes isn’t a bad in and out time for any sort of doctor’s visit, so more power to this team for getting these sharks in and out and on their way! Perhaps their efforts will change the perception the world has of great white sharks. Unfortunately, it’s awfully hard to overcome the impact that Jaws and Shark Week have on pop culture. Let’s also not forget that these guys aren’t even the largest carnivores living on earth right now, that title belongs to the Southern Elephant Seal, and NO ONE DEDICATES A WEEK TO THEM!

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