More details from Matthew McConaughey’s wedding are emerging, and each makes this past weekend’s ceremony sound just a bit more awesome. The bride and groom invited their friends and family to stay in luxury, air conditioned tents in the backyard of the family home. Each came with its own patio and doormat, and apparently, there were games everywhere.

According to People, the invited sipped on beers, relaxed in hammocks and played bags and ring toss in their bare feet during the lazy Saturday lead up to the formal vow exchanges. Hours later when the big moment finally arrived, McConaughey reportedly changed into a Dolce & Gabbana tuxeo, while his soon-to-be wife Camila flaunted a custom Brazilian wedding dress.

Austin, Texas might not be known for its Hollywood luxury, but the festivities were reportedly a perfect blend between Texas fun and California glitz. There are few activities more enjoyable than playing bags with a drink and a cocky expression on your face, but watching close friends finally say their I-Dos might be one of them. Bravo to this weekend for offering a lucky few dozen both.

Matthew and Camila began dating five years ago and have been joined at the hip ever since. They have two children together and now, a renewed commitment to make it last forever. Pop Blend sends out its warmest well-wishes to the couple and shoots a pleasant but envious glare at the lucky souls who got to witness the activities first hand.

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