It’s Mother’s Day, which means children and husbands across the United States are chipping in this morning in ways they ordinarily don’t consider. From making breakfast to doing the laundry to running the vacuum, an incredible number of tasks are being done far less efficiently, and while some will need to be done over, it’s the thought that counts.

It’s that same though that has taken many celebrities to Twitter today to salute the matriachs in their family and to offer up snarky comments and goofy photographs. It would take way too much time to assemble every single celeb tweet, but I’ve gone through and tried to find a cross-sampling from a wide range. So, for the new moms, the experienced moms and even the grandmothers, have a wonderful, exciting, jubilant, refreshing, satisfying and fun Mother’s Day. The world truly would not be the same without you…

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