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Tim Lambesis, best known as the lead singer of Christian metalcore band As I Lay Dying, was arrested yesterday for allegedly trying to hire someone to murder his estranged wife. Details are still fuzzy on exactly what happened, but apparently, the thirty-two-year-old frontman put the word out that he was looking for a triggerman. Those whispers eventually reached the police department, and authorities used an undercover police officer to allegedly get the threats on record.

According to Reuters, Lambesis’ wife filed for divorce last year. Obviously, money, jealousy and feelings of betrayal are pretty powerful motivators for some people to kill, but because the investigation is still ongoing, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is refusing to release any theories they have as to why the As I Lay Dying frontman would have contacted someone about offing his wife.

Here’s a portion of the official statement from police…
”The information came to us late last week. We acted quickly on it. I believe that we averted a great tragedy."

Every year, an alarming number of men kill their wives or girlfriends, which is why threats like this are taken so seriously at police departments around the country. Lambesis hasn’t spoken publically yet about his version of events, but if the police have as much information as it seems like they do, he may be starting from behind the eight ball.

If the singer does release any kind of statement, we will be sure to bring it to you. Until then, remind yourself that divorce is a far better option than murder.

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