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We talk about Kickstarter quite a bit here on Cinema Blend, as the crowdfunding website is used to raise money for movies, video games and more. But now shit is getting real, as the most insanely awesome cooler has broken a record and become the highest earning project in Kickstarter’s five-year history, with over $10.9 million raised as of this writing. Why would something as seemingly commonplace as a cooler attract so much attention? Because it’s the only one you’ll ever need.

The Coolest cooler, created by inventor Ryan Grepper, not only keeps your beer (and probably non-beers) ice-cold, but also allows you to listen to music through its removable Bluetooth speaker, which is also waterproof. So you can bob your head to Vanilla Ice or Arctic Monkeys or whatever punny band you want as you sit back and wish you’d thought of this.

But that’s not all. The Coolest also comes with a battery-powered rechargeable blender, for those who want to replace the beer with mixed drinks and smoothies. If you want to charge your phone in order to call your friends and tell them how jealous they should be, there’s a USB charger built into it, as well as an LED lid light to help you figure out which way to insert the USB cord. The inside of the Coolest has a plastic divider that doubles as a cutting board, includes built-in storage for plates and a knife, and also has a bottle opener. If you’re lugging around more than just the cooler, it even comes with a bungee cord to tie your gear down to the top of the Coolest, and has extra-wide wheels to make tipping over almost impossible. Does it sound like my mouth is watering as I type this?

Take a peek at the video below for a look at all of these bells and whistles in action. (The Coolest does not come with actual bells or whistles.)

While the number of backers isn’t higher than the Veronica Mars' campaign, which is now in fifth place, the Coolest has topped the former Kickstarter record holder by over $750,000 at this point. (It was the Pebble e-watch.) And that gap will get even wider in the next 40 or so hours, as the Coolest’s campaign ends on Friday, August 29, at 9 p.m. ET. So yes, there’s still time for you to empty your back account and head over to the Kickstarter page to order one or ten of them. It’s what your friends want you to do. And also, can I be your friend?

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