Earlier this month, Jack Osbourne and his fiancée Lisa Stelly went to Hawaii to begin the rest of their lives. The two lovers walked down the aisle in front of friends and family, said their I dos and immediately started enjoying their honeymoon. Thanks to a crazy set of circumstances, however, their presence actually wound up allowing a total stranger to start a new chapter in her life too.

The day after the wedding, Jack and his buddy Tyler were hanging out near the ocean at the Four Seasons Hualalai when a woman in the water had a heart attack and went under. The two men reportedly rushed to help and were able to resuscitate her. According to Stelly’s Twitter, an ambulance quickly showed up, took the stranger to the hospital and she’s now in stable condition.

Over the past few years, Osbourne has developed some strange interests. He’s taken part in police exercises, led paranormal investigations and experimented with numerous extreme sports. During this time, he clearly developed the ability to think on his feet. Thank goodness.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the woman as she recovers and to Jack and Lisa as they begin the rest of their lives. Every weekend might not be as exciting the one they spent in Hawaii, but here’s to hoping most of them offer as many smiles.

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