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Jaden Smith is fifteen years old, and he’s deeply embroiled in that pseudo-intellectual phase some high schoolers go through in which they see the conspiracy and phoniness in everything. In short, he’s Holden Caulfield, and lately, he’s taken to his Twitter account to unleash ignorant, poorly thought out rants about society and public education.

You can check out some of his greatest hits below…

Teenagers tend to see the world in black and white, and as a result, it’s often hard for them to comprehend how incredibly complicated the world is. Yes, formal education is very rigid and instills a certain amount of useless knowledge in kids. It also teaches them how to follow rules and how to behave in an organized society. There is a certain percentage of people who really don’t need it, but as a society, it’s incredibly important that we continue to churn out people who actually have skills in math and science. Jaden can continue to make shitty movies whether he has more schooling or not, but the future accountants, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, nurses, dentists and teachers need to keep learning. Besides, even those destined for blue collar occupations need to at least finish high school, lest they wind up on the streets. After all, the world is filled with a lot more old people who are proud of the degrees they attained than those who regret going to school.

Will and Jada have been open in the past about trying to raise their children in a discipline free environment in which they try things in order to make decisions on their own. Maybe that philosophy will work out here, but whether it does or not, Jaden will learn someday that the order and rules most people follow actually serve a purpose.

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