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Jared Followill Becomes Last King Of Leon To Walk Down The Aisle

You know how there’s usually one guy in every group of friends that holds onto his single dude freedom for like a decade longer than everyone else? That didn’t happen with Kings of Leon. Between 2009 and 2011, three of the Followill’s, Nathan, Caleb and Matthew, walked down the aisle, and now, lone holdout Jared has joined them in wedding bliss.

According to People, the twenty-five-year-old bass guitarist and his smoking hot model fiancée Martha Patterson made it official yesterday during a ceremony on a property in Charlotte, Tennessee. Sought after event planner Sharon Sacks assisted the couple in making their vision a reality, and the final product reportedly featured a very country sensibility with delicious farm to table food. By all accounts, guests and those in the wedding party had a splendid time, and if history is any indication, a child should come in the very near future.

Neither Jared nor Martha has discussed the couple’s plans for kids, but Nathan, Caleb and Matthew all churned out children not long after tying the knot. It will certainly be expected these two will do the same, but they could well have other ideas. Besides, with neither even in their late twenties, it’s not like time isn’t overtly on their side.

Pop Blend wishes Jared and Martha its sincerest congratulations on their happy day. Here’s to hoping they’ll be back at the same property in fifty years celebrating a milestone anniversary.

Mack Rawden

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