Jason Collins Invited To Be A Marshal In The Boston Gay Pride Parade

In Jason Collins’ open and honest coming out letter released this morning, the NBA center mentioned a lot of reasons for being forward about his sexuality. One of them was his desire to march in the Boston Gay Pride Parade this summer. He suspected such an event would be an uplifting moment of personal acceptance. Let the record show the organizers of the Boston Gay Pride Parade think his presence would be an uplifting moment for everyone else too.

According to TMZ, organizers would like Collins to be a Marshal in the upcoming parade on June 8. The proposed honor would make him a whole lot more visible to the crowd, and it would be a very formal and beautiful way for him to fully embrace his sudden emergence as a very visible member of the gay community. He hasn’t responded yet, but considering he’s already said he’d like to march, I think chances are good he’ll accept.

There have been a few random ugly moments since Collins officially came out today, but those have been few and far between. In general, the majority of players and talking heads have been extremely supportive. Here’s what the former Stanford star had to say on his Twitter account

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Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Collins on his big decision. Some day, we’ll get to the point as a society in which everyone can play without the slightest thought from anyone, but getting there will require plenty of fearless leaders like Collins.

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