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Despite what the Scottsdale Police Department and the management at the Martini Ranch might tell you, Jason London is the real victim. At least that’s what the actor has been telling everyone for the last day after one of the most absurd and damning police reports of all-time was released to the public along with the following mugshot…

The incident in question started on Saturday evening and continued into Sunday morning. London was supposedly drinking at the bar when he sneezed on a bouncer, refused to apologize, threw a punch and was beaten and tossed into the street for his trouble. After the paramedics and police arrived, he allegedly tried to fight them, screamed about how famous he was and intentionally took a dump in a squad car. All of that is in the hysterical police report, but if London is to be believed, the real story is a whole lot different.

A lawyer for the Dazed And Confused star told TMZ his client’s memory is still a little fuzzy but he distinctly recalls getting pushed around by a random dude for merely looking at his girlfriend and then later getting arrested. The middle portion of his night is completely blank, but based on London’s injuries (a right orbital fracture, multiple contusions, a concussion and a sinus fracture), some eyewitness testimony and not a single bruise on any of his knuckles, the lawyer is convinced London was savagely beaten and mistreated by the bouncers and the police department.

What do you think? Is London a victim or a perpetrator here? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is Jason London A Victim?

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