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Most people go harder when celebrating their birthdays. Whether eating at a nice restaurant, having a few extra beers, wearing a more expensive dress or asking out a chick slightly out of their league, most of us tend to really go for it in our own ways whenever the calendar circles back around. Unfortunately for Jenna Jameson, it seems she went a little too far last night in celebration of number thirty-nine and wound up in jail.

The adult actress/ sometimes regular actress was reportedly in Newport Beach on Saturday night when she allegedly battered an unidentified person. Rather than walking away, the alleged victim got his sheriff on and performed a citizen’s arrest. When the police arrived, they took Jameson into custody, cited her for battery and released her. As for whether or not she actually made it to her birthday party in Anaheim scheduled for later that night, it’s still unclear. Even if she did, however, she probably wasn’t in the mood for partying.

Over the last few years, Jameson has made headlines a few times for the wrong reasons. She was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and allegations of substance and spousal abuse have publically been thrown by both her and on-again-off-again boyfriend Tito Ortiz. This incident certainly won’t help her public relations battle, but until we get more specific details, it’s impossible to know whether this mess has been blown out of proportion or whether it really should have involved a citizen’s arrest.

We’ll keep you updated. Until then, take Jenna's advice on how to make love like a porn star but maybe not her advice on how to party like one.