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Just when you think Oscar tidbits are over and done with, someone comes out of the woodwork with one more interesting story. Recently, Bones actor David Boreanaz revealed that he and his wife are into the nail polish game, and they recently debuted a new fingernail shade via none other than Smash actress Jennifer Hudson.

The nail polish line, Chrome Girl, is a pretty collaborative process that has been put together by Boreanaz, his wife Jaime, Jaime’s friend Melissa, and Melissa’s husband. Boreanaz told People that his daughter actually is really into painting her nails and that inspired the actor to get into the nail painting game.
“Having a daughter who loves painting her nails--this really struck me. I was behind it all the way.”

So, how did Hudson end up with the smashing Chrome Girl color on her fingers on Oscar night? Apparently, the two actors share the same agent, and Boreanaz worked some magic in order to get the product on to the red carpet. The red carpet’s mostly a giant marketing threshold, anyway.
“We actually share the same agent, who has been so supportive of this launch. She suggested Jennifer, and we loved the idea. She’s stunning and smart and fashionable and bold, and that’s the type of woman to whom our brand is geared toward.”

Marketing move or no, the color looks great on Hudson. It always amazes me how much a bit of nail polish can pull a look together, even when it is created by the loving hands of Angel.

Image Credit: ABC