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With Snooki pregnant, the times are a’changing for the Jersey Shore gang. The extent of the group’s popularity has been waning somewhat in the ratings anyway, and it seems like the correct time to begin to branch out. Snooki & JWoww are doing this via a new reality show, but Pauly D seems to want to branch out into a brand new field—bringing alcohol to the masses.

The reality star has hooked up with David Kanbar, a business professional in the alcohol industry to create a line of different vodkas. The partying DJ’s flavors will go by the moniker Remix and will come in multiple flavors. The new line of liquor seems to be in good hands. Kanbar is also the man behind Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl cocktails, which are now sold at retail locations across the States, even appearing on shelves in Target stores. Besides, according to the New York Post, when the drink debuted in Las Vegas at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of American convention, it sold more units than Frankel’s line has pushed in the past 18 months.

I’m pretty sure the world would survive without yet another line of flavored vodkas on the market; however, kudos to Pauly D for remaining viable even after Jersey Shore has lost a bit of its luster. He may not be the most popular member of the Jersey Shore cast, but the way he’s going, it looks like he will have more in the bank down the road.

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