Jersey Shore's Jenn Harley Is Reportedly Headed To Rehab After Latest Arrest

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Blame the nature of the beast when reality TV drama ends up bleeding over into real life outside the view of cameras and weekly episodes. Nearly the entire cast of Jersey Shore knows this particularly well. Of late, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s ex and mother of his child Jenn Harley was accused of using racial slurs and getting violent with her latest boyfriend Joseph Ambrosole, which ultimately resulted in her arrest. Now she is reportedly heading to rehab in the wake of those unfortunate incidents.

According to the Jersey Shore Family Vacation alum’s representative, Gina Rodriguez, Jenn Harley voluntarily checked into rehab for a 28-day program that started on July 17. Rodriguez said in her statement (via TMZ):

Jenn Harley has decided to check into a Las Vegas rehab facility to seek treatment for her alcohol dependency. She made the decision to get help because she wants to be the best parent she can be for her children.

Prior to entering rehab, Jenn Harley was running into quite a bit of trouble. Initial reports of her June arrest sparked speculation that her ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro might have had something to do with the matter, given the inciting incident supposedly occurred at the Las Vegas home the two co-own. After more details eventually came to light, however, it was reported that Harley was drinking and had an argument with her then-boyfriend Joseph Ambrosole that went too far. Allegedly, the Jersey Shore star repeatedly hit Ambrosole on the back of his head, pulled a gun on him, used at least one racial slur against him, and threatened to kill him.

At the time of that incident, Jenn Harley’s 3-year-old daughter Ariana was supposedly not at the home, and was said to be visiting with her dad Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. He has been busy himself of late, thankfully outside of negative Jersey Shore drama, by getting engaged to his current girlfriend Saffire Matos.

However, Jenn Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro were on a very rocky road together prior to their split that made just as many headlines, if not more so, than anything that happened on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Ortiz-Magro was actually arrested in late April following a supposed domestic violence confrontation. No charges were formally filed against him, but it was speculated to be an incident involving his now-fiancée. This would be on top of Ortiz-Magro’s 2019 domestic dispute with Harley that left him tased by police, as well as a 2018 occurrence that saw Harley charged with domestic battery against Ortiz-Magro.

Some of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jenn Harley’s conflicts inevitably found their way onto the Jersey Shore Family Vacation, though. There was that famously questionable black eye that Ortiz-Magro sported. In the show’s third season, co-star JWoww had also strangely invited Harley out to a club, despite all of the public drama between the former couple. It eventually led the cast to question if Ortiz-Magro’s sobriety would hold strong in the aftermath.

Trouble seems to continuously follow Jersey Shore's Jenn Harley like a bad habit. But hopefully, her stint in rehab will help turn those bad habits around so that she can avoid future issues.

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