WWE Star Carmella Fired Back After A Jersey Shore Star Accused Her Of Stealing Her Look

Angelina and Carmella
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WWE superstar Carmella is known for stirring the pot on Monday Night Raw. Her in-your-face attitude often puts her at odds with other wrestlers, and her character is so over-the-top that she almost feels like she belongs on a reality TV show. Perhaps that’s why Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick took notice of Carmella recently and claimed that the wrestler stole her look. 

Angelina Pivarnick, who caused all sorts of drama during her stint on Jersey Shore and continues to feud with stars on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, might have a new enemy in WWE’s Carmella. Pivarnick (also featured on the Paramount+ show All Star Shore) took to Twitter to accuse Carmella of stealing her look as well as her catchphrase on Monday Night Raw

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Angelina Pivarnick does not sound flattered in her tweet to Carmella. In return, it seems like Carmella isn’t apologetic or willing to admit that any of her persona came from Pivarnick or any cast member of the Jersey Shore. Carmella threw some shade at the reality star with a Mariah Carey gif: 

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I’m not sure I buy that Carmella, a Staten Island native, isn’t aware of the existence of Jersey Shore’s greatest villain, who is also a Staten Island native. Still, I appreciate the response considering Mariah Carey could be the patron saint of feuds given her past public battles. As for Angelina Pivarnick, she didn’t appreciate the disrespect and claimed in a response that Carmella knows precisely who she is:

Bitch please. You know exactly who I am and your whole gimmick is based off of me and Staten Island lollllll @WWE @CarmellaWWE Please take several seats girl. Lol. Get your own shit and cut the crap already. We spoke years ago when u first started with WWE lolllll. Bye.

Carmella continued to troll further, although this time pulled the Jersey Shore cast into the mix. Snooki and JWoww found their way into the argument via Carmella, who added an iconic burn from The Situation as an added sting back to Pivarnick: 

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Wrestling fans might remember that Angelina Pivarnick had a brief stint in TNA: Impact back in 2011. What may seem like Pivarnick just blowing off some steam or getting catty over the internet might be the WWE starting the beginnings of a feud for some future event. That certainly seems like a possibility, given that Pivarnick offered to fight Carmella after seeing an article referencing their exchange: 

I will fight her for free. Fuck the money. Shows how serious I am. I’m sick of her trying to be me with the umhello catchphrase! Catch these hands for free. Everyone thinks I’m starting shit which I’m not. She starts all the time with me then pretends she doesn’t know who I am.

The WWE likes pulling celebrities with varying levels of fame into its major pay-per-view events, so it’s possible we’re seeing the beginnings of a SummerSlam or even a WrestleMania feud for Angelina Pivarnick and Carmella. After Logan Paul scored a WWE contract following his impressive match at WrestleMania, I’m eager to see if Pivarnick has what it takes to make it in the WWE and maybe even start a new career path in the television industry. Of course, she might have to change up her persona a bit, considering Carmella already allegedly took hers. 

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on future episodes of Monday Night Raw to see if there are more references to Angelina Pivarnick, which could further indicate that her appearance in the WWE is imminent. Until then, wrestling fans might want to ensure they’re current on their Peacock premium subscriptions, as SummerSlam is the next major WWE live event and streams on the platform on Saturday, July 30. 

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