With all of the hullabaloo following the elongated tenure of Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy, it is easy to forget the new mom is also a fashion designer, fashion advice giver on the NBC show Fashion Star and generally in love with designing accessories. Because of all of these attributes, it is really no surprise that a couple of weeks after baby girl Maxwell Drew’s birth, the former singer has begun decking out her little daughter from head to toe.

The new mom took to Twitter recently to talk about the dos and don'ts of her baby fashion accessorizing. If I personally had to guess, I would say leopard-printed headbands would be in the agenda for the androgynously named baby girl. However, it turns out the Fashion Star judge favors flowery headbands, instead. Maybe it's to prove, sans name, she really is carting around a little girl.
“I'm addicted to buying headbands w massive flowers for Maxwell on etsy! She is insanely beautiful I can't help but play dress up!”

A true accessory lover likes to re-work outfits multiple times a day, and Simpson seems to be extending her love of fashion to her baby girl. She recently even told People, she has been changing Maxwell’s clothing several times a day. The new mom says it is because her daughter has so much to wear, but I still have an inkling this has more to do with spit up. Ah, the glamour of motherhood.

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