Later this weekend, Jimmy Kimmel will host the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. As both a late night host and the regular presenter of ABC’s upfronts, the comedian is very used to working and improvising on his feet, but even with all that experience, the upcoming telecast should present a different kind of challenge, at least as to what his actual role is.

When people tune into his show, they might want to see Jimmy make them laugh, but at the Emmy Awards, viewers are watching in order to see whether their favorite stars will win. Consequently, the goal is to keep the action moving, and if a few laughs can be had along the way, all the better.

Here’s what Kimmel told CNN
”It's not your wedding, it's not your bar mitzvah. It's an important thing to know."

Kimmel’s name is frequently mentioned as a potential Academy Awards host. The Emmys will serve as a nice example of what he could bring to the table, and honestly, I expect him to be a solid A-. The comedian’s primary skill has always been his affability. He’s a wonderful blend of easy, yet still clever. He appeals to a very wide range of demographics, and I’m not sure I’ve ever met a single person who dislikes him. Thus, I think most people will consider his work this weekend very good but not quite great.

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How Will Jimmy Do?

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