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The police may not have thought Joan Rivers handcuffing herself to a shopping cart at Costco was worth making a big issue out of, but apparently, the Anti-Defamation League disagrees. As she was being escorted outside the store and back to her car by authorities, the seventy-nine-year-old reportedly compared the chain’s decision not to stock her book with the behavior of Nazi Germany. Unwilling to let even a Jewish comedienne make an absurd joke during a publicity stunt about the Holocaust, the ADL released a statement earlier this week reminding everyone not to make light of such things.
”Such comparisons only serve to trivialize the Holocaust and are deeply offensive to Jews and other survivors."

Rivers’ late husband, Edward Rosenberg, lost many members of his family during the Holocaust. Clearly, his wife is well aware of how terrible the whole thing was; so, not surprisingly, she hasn’t taken too well to the organization’s lecture about what she can and cannot joke about. You can take a look at Joan’s measured, well-researched response below, courtesy of TMZ
”Shut the fuck up!”

Say what you will about Rivers, but she never guards her true feelings. She’s operated completely unedited in Hollywood for decades, and at her age, there’s no way in hell she’s going to change her approach now. Look for more Holocausts jokes and more book sales thanks to her obstreperous protest.

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