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Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has always considered himself a man of the people. He donated a million dollars to help clean up his native New Jersey following Superstorm Sandy. He’s started homeless shelters and even worked with President Obama in an advisory capacity to help the less fortunate. Beyond that, his career is littered with loveable interactions with random fans, and over the weekend, he added another wonderful moment to that resume by walking one of his most ardent supporters down the aisle.

According to US Magazine, the lucky bride in question is Branka Delic. She lives in Australia alongside her longtime partner Gonzalo “Gonzo” Cladera, but the two decided to fly to Las Vegas in order to get married in the same chapel Bon Jovi did all the way back in 1989. In preparation, she set up this Facebook page and formally asked the beloved singer to walk her down the aisle without a ton of hope that the stars would align and it would actually work out. Well, remarkably, it did. He strolled in just in time to shock the hell out of Delic and officially give her away to Gonzo.

It’s always nice to see incredibly famous people actually come through for their fans, and the best part about this specific instance is just how reasonable the whole thing was. Delic planned her wedding in Las Vegas on the same day as the Bon Jovi concert at the MGM Grand. She simply asked him to stop by the chapel for twenty minutes before the concert, and she never issued any unreasonable threats concerning what she would do if he didn’t show up. She basically just said, here’s the info, I would love it if you could come. And like a champion, he did.

So, in everyone’s honor, here’s my own personal favorite Bon Jovi song “You Give Love A Bad Name”…

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