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Jonny Lee Miller Confronts Dude Allegedly Stealing His Mail

Jonny Lee Miller might not seem like a man who would throw fists to protect his mail, but it turns out he’s either exactly that kind of man or he was waiting for a really important correspondence. Yesterday, the thirty-nine-year-old was reportedly looking out his front window when he saw a dude going through his letters. Rather than leave him be, Miller apparently exited his residence and let the stranger have it verbally. When the guy moved onto other mailboxes, the actor allegedly called 911 and got a little physical with the perpetrator.

According to TMZ, authorities arrived on the scene not long after and discovered a slew of pilfered mail in mystery dude’s possession. He was reportedly arrested and hauled off to jail for his alleged crimes while the actor was praised for his behavior.

Next season, Miller will play Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming CBS series Elementary. The detective is more known for reasoning his way out of situations than rushing in like a pissed off bull, but at least the impetus to solve mysteries is apparently found in both men.

More than likely, we’ll never hear about this case again, but if something weird ends up going down or we find out what piece of mail Miller was so hellbent on getting his hands on, we’ll be sure to bring you all the details.

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