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This Juggler Is More Talented Than You

There are some people who are just ridiculously talented at things that most of us can't accomplish at all. Unless we are having a competition to determine who can watch the most episodes of Game of Thrones in a row without a bathroom break, I'm definitely not talented at anything actually cool. Just like me, I think everyone loves watching someone who is totally amazing at what they do. When I saw that this viral video was of someone juggling, I knew it was going to be impressive.

In the above video from Kuma Films, Ian Jenson performs something called contact juggling. He uses figure 8 shaped rings, a handy isolation hoop and those distinct balls to wow the crowd and perform his complicated maneuvers. Personally, the part I find absolutely fascinating is his ability to make those aforementioned hoops seem like they’re levitating right before our eyes. To be frank, it’s way more impressive than my attempt to juggle softballs as a kid, based solely on the fact that he’s able to accomplish all of this without sending himself to the ER for stitches.

What makes the video so worth watching is that it seems completely effortless for Jenson to perform these awesome juggling moves. He makes the clear contact balls rotate on his hands, shoulders, and even face smoothly without skipping a beat. When he uses the figure 8 rings, they move around like a machine in his hands. There's no doubt this took tons of practice to perfect. Though a lot of this may not be traditional juggling that you tried or saw as a kid, this is truly an art form and a real pleasure to watch.

It's hard to deny that people just love good magic tricks and skilled performances like juggling or even cool sports moves. Jenson combines the best of illusions with his amazing talent. Some people are just really that good and able to captivate our imaginations completely and make us feel like the most untalented creatures to ever walk the planet. Hell, there are even reality shows where you can juggle or perform magic and win. I think Jenson would have a pretty good shot at kicking everyone's ass in a competition like that.

Kuma Films has a ton of videos with insane talents and tricks. There's everything from more juggling to finger skateboarding. My personal favorite video on their page has got to be the Pikachu parkour clip. They've got a guy dressed up like everyone's favorite Pokemon tearing up Taiwan with sweet parkour moves. Check out the video below, but replicate at your own risk. I don't think anyone is as cool as that guy.